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Profhilo® Treatment

Facial Line Softening Treatments

Customized to replenish skin volume and enhance your appearance, offering a natural result.

Restylane Treatments

Dermal fillers designed to reduce wrinkles and add volume to the skin.

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A micro-needling procedure to rejuvenate and revitalize skin.

eDS Skin Revitalisation

Advanced skin treatment for improving skin texture and tone.

Introduction to Profhilo® Treatment at Dulwich Natural Beauty

Introducing Profhilo®, a groundbreaking hyaluronic acid moisturizing treatment, now available at Dulwich Natural Beauty. Utilizing the innovative NAHYCO® technology, this treatment features a unique hyaluronic acid injectable gel that revitalizes the skin by stimulating dermal cells. Profhilo® effectively combats skin laxity, enhancing and restoring the skin’s firmness and youthful appearance.

Profhilo® stands out with one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid available, offering more than just hydration. It actively remodels aging and sagging tissue, making it ideal for treating the face, neck, décolletage, hands, arms, knees, and abdomen. Suitable for both men and women of all ages, Profhilo® at Dulwich Natural Beauty is the perfect solution for comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

The Profhilo® Process

Our treatment involves precisely injecting ultra-pure hyaluronic acid into targeted areas. Unlike traditional wrinkle reducers and fillers, Profhilo® stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, penetrating the deeper skin layers for lasting hydration. Its stabilized formula ensures prolonged activation of dermal cells, leading to improved skin tissue quality. The result is not just superficial hydration but a noticeable tightening and lifting of the skin, providing an overall enhancement of skin texture and appearance.